• GreenField

    Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas

  • Team GreenField

    Led by Third-Generation Farmer Clint Brauer, CEO

  • Why We Do This:

    Motivation and Context

    Agriculture Is Where It's at

    Not tech, cell phones, manufacturing, or energy. It's agriculture that's going to see the most explosive growth in the American economy for decades to come.

    Agriculture Is under Threat

    Global volatility from wars, breakdowns in supply chains, fertilizer shortages, and price increases. It's agriculture that's facing the greatest threat for the next ten to twenty years. 

    Preventing Famine

    Malnutrition across continents is a real threat. Preventing famine, food shortages and insecurity for consumers, and volatility for consumers is what we're working to prevent.


    If you don't have energy, transportation or other necessities life is difficult. But food is different. Reliable, sustainable, healthy food is what we're working for.


    Regenerative farming without additional labor reduces the expense and eases contained resources. We're working to reduce and eliminate synthetic inputs to our agricultural systems.

  • "If we can do one thing to leave this world a better place, it's making Regenerative Farming work."

    - Melanie Rosenthal, Narwhal Ventures -